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Demolition is known to be the most exciting phase of construction. But while it's typically a quick process, it’s far from being mindless and uncomplicated. Starting a demolition project without a clear strategy can have major time and financial repercussions once the project is completed. Our staff is conscientious about the process and what steps to take to ensure you don't encounter these problems.

We know what to look for when it comes to deconstruction. From recycling reusable metals to clean-up of hazardous materials, Hunter Demolition will oversee every step of the project so you don’t have to worry about it. And we do this while keeping both employee and environmental safety at the forefront.

No matter what type of project you have, Hunter Demolition has the resources and experience to provide both traditional and innovative project methodologies. HD&WC brings to you the full capability of a company specializing in demolition projects of all type. Our team and equipment are backed by an extensive range of experience and we are fully dedicated to the exacting demands of demolition.

Contact us today to discuss your project. Our staff will quickly begin the process of listening to your needs in order to help move you forward with professionalism, responsibility and affordability.


In order to prepare a facility for decommissioning, our staff interacts closely with regulatory agencies and our clients to manage the safe disposal of materials. HD&WC has the staff, experience and technical capabilities to safely execute the decommissioning of any facility.

Our combination of knowledge in clean up of hazardous and industrial waste, along with rigorous safety precautions, allow us to deliver effective solutions to our clients.

  • Site Assessment
  • Evaluation and Asset Recovery
  • Site Decontamination
  • Environmental Remediation
  • Removal of Industrial Waste
  • Treatment/Disposal of Industrial Waste
  • Removal of Oil and Gas Pipelines
  • Facility Demolition


Do you have a building or structure that presents a safety hazard? Are you looking to revitalize the underlying land? If an old building no longer meets your current needs, Hunter Demolition has the know-how to perform complete or selective dismantlement of any structure.

Dismantlement involves the de-construction of a structure by reversal of the construction process. These projects provide precisely engineered solutions that can be more time consuming than straight demolition, but enable materials to be recovered for resale, potentially offsetting against extended project length and additional staff costs.

Every dismantlement project is unique in its' degree of difficulty. Let our team of experts employ their skill and experience to make it look easy.

Our staff is capable of handling the most complex of demolition projects, and we practice techniques to carefully pull a structure apart, not just tear it down. Hunter Demolition and Wrecking Corporation utilizes a wide array of dismantling techniques and our methods are custom designed for the current project at hand.

Environmental Remediation

Environmental remediation deals with removal of pollution or contaminants in soil, sediment, surface or ground water in order to protect human health and environmental safety. Although some contaminants occur naturally within the ecosystem, many do not, or are in concentrations above what is acceptable for the intended land use.

Hunter Demolition has the necessary resources, expertise and knowledge to provide practical and effective solutions regarding all types of contaminated or hazardous materials.

Internally, we will address your mold, asbestos and lead issues. Externally, we can remove lead paint and guano or clean your building facade. We also have the know how to clean and remove storage tanks along with any contaminated soil.

When environmental hazards are discovered at your location, Hunter Demolition is prepared. We work to follow regulatory standards in order to remediate your facility safely, quickly, and cost effectively. Our years of experience will result in better pricing and timely project turnaround times for our clients

Salvage and Asset Recovery Services

Hunter Demolition provides our clients with asset recovery and salvage services that complement our demolition and dismantlment activities. We help to directly reduce project costs by maximizing return on salvagable assets.

Through our utilization of on-site source separation and processing, Hunter Demolition is able to push the limits of material recovery for virtually any project. By doing this, we minimize costly debris disposal and maximize the quantity of sellable salvage materials or building components that might have been disposed of.

Prior to commencing demolition, our skilled team will identify any materials to be reclaimed, recycled, re-used or disposed of off-site. Our goal is to achieve the highest possible value for these salvaged materials so that credit can be passed along and credited to the client in one form or another.

Some examples of recyclable structure components are: asphalt, concrete, wood timbres and beams, structural steel, ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Debris Removal

We know that demolition is a dirty job- but it shouldn't be up to you to clean it up! Our crew is trained in recognizing what assets are salvagable and can determine the best method of disposal.

Whenever possible, we try ensure that materials removed from residential structures, industrial buildings and complexes, warehouses and other buildings are recycled or reused. We strive to focus on efforts to avoid overcrowding of landfills.

Hunter Demolition can offer a variety of solutions to help you achieve your goal of maximum efficiency and waste reduction.

Let our dedicated team take care of the dirty work. We'll keep you project on time and on budget. We want to be your one stop demolition shop.

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